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I love our community and I’m passionate about serving it. My job is not just to represent our area in parliament, it’s to work with our community and stakeholders to get the best outcomes for our schools, our small businesses, local groups and constituents and to strive for a better future for everyone.”

Delivering for Our Community

Since being elected I have worked hard to deliver for our community. Whether it is new infrastructure, or upgrades to existing school, health, road or public transport infrastructure; improved or additional community or public transport services, I advocate strongly on behalf of our community.

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 Corrine’s Volunteers Recruitment Form 科琳.麦克米兰议员–志愿者招募表

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曼斯菲尔德选区州议员 Corrine McMillan 女士简介

曼斯菲尔德选区州议员 Corrine McMillan 女士简介 曼斯菲尔德选区州议员Corrine McMillan 女士 McMillan女士职业成就: 2011 年 – 荣获区域展示教育卓越奖2012 年 – 荣获两项区域展示教育卓越奖,并入围州级展示教育卓越奖2012 年 7 月 27 日 – Glenala SHS 公立高中被《澳大利亚人报》评为澳大利亚最具进步的学校之一 ,

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